Corporate Security

Before we can develop a program that is right for you, we must first understand your lifestyle and how much security can be integrated into your day-to-day life to meet your requirements. This may be different for each client based on their different resources and lifestyle.

Office/Home/Vacation Homes:

  • Integrated Security Systems-Intrusion detection, CCTV, communications, emergency response systems
  • Security Design-Methodology of layering in a defense (perimeter defense)
  • Structural architecture and engineering design (A&E)+C–Reinforced doors, safe room
  • Landscaping- Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED), lighting
  • Redundant systems-UPS systems, communications, transportation
  • Sustainability items-Food, first aid, fuel

Friends/Family/Social Relationships:

  • Due diligence on casual contacts-a friend of a friend wants to meet a client
  • In-depth background check and screening on new hires or individuals with access to client’s life/family
  • Cyber security-Programs to protect personal information and family members (Facebook/Twitter/chat)
  • Vacation planning-Provide in-country contracts or escort services
  • Local security alerts-Weather, traffic, local emergencies, i.e. pedophile notifications

Personal Protection:

  • Close-in protection-Home, business, events, travel
  • Escorts-Mainly for spouse/children when shopping, parties or public areas. They can be covert so that individuals do see the presence of the escort.
  • Surveillance-Planned observation of personnel, property or assets


  • Weapon instruction & training-Many individuals are intimidated by handling a weapon so we teach them how and when to use one. Many individuals may choose to use a non-lethal weapon like a TASER. We can provide the right weapon and training so that the individual is comfortable and confident to use it when necessary.
  • Self-defense-How does the child respond when encountering a stranger
  • Security Awareness and best practices
  • Safety-First aid, CPR

Disaster and Emergency Planning & Recovery:

  • Develop a plan that mitigates the consequences of man-made or natural disaster and protects the client/family/assets in the recovery stages of an event.