Surveillance and Communications Services & Products

Innovations in surveillance and communications technologies allows us to extend our fields of observations and awareness to give us more time to prepare and respond to a threat or potentially dangerous situation. Our operators have experienced the benefits of these technologies overseas in military operations as well as working in collaboration with our corporate research and development partners.

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Our Tactical Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Teams (tUAST)© are licensed operators of unmanned aerial systems that work in conjunction with our project managers to provide this unique capability to just about any type of situation.

Satellite Communications and Tracking Systems

Integrating reliable and continuous communications to any corporate operation, travel itinerary or even a family vacation can make the difference in having a safe and successful event. We provide a wide range of satellite and tracking communications systems and products to insure that we can locate, communicate with and get to the person of interest, if needed.

Surveillance and Communications