Risk is embedded in daily business; therefore, the need to establish a physical security risk assessment program tailored to your operations and personnel is essential. Not all assets at all locations require the same degree of protection. Protection of assets must be based on a realistic assessment of the risks associated with the current threat.

Trident Security will help your staff understand and prioritize the security risks; then work collaboratively with your different stakeholders and departments to determine which safety and security measures to implement to mitigate those risks. By integrating the necessary security practices and systems, we will help you create a defense in depth that deters illegal activity, identifies threats and responds in a timely manner.

Over the past decade, Trident Security has helped local, state and federal agencies as well as corporate clients identify, mitigate and plan for future risk by helping them understand how integrating security design, policies and procedures into their business model. By implementing security design and a risk based methodology into their physical security posture helped protect their employees, products, infrastructure and customers, and return to “normal business” sooner than later.